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According to the California Public Resources Code, the CEC cannot create regulations "that result in any added costs to the consumer over the designated life of the appliances concerned." But this regulation will carry costs—to the state of California AND to consumers.

• Destroys 4,600 jobs that are tied to TV sales, distribution and installation (Source: Resolution Economics, LLC Study).

• Costs California $50 million a year in lost tax revenues (Source: Resolution Economics, LLC Study).

• The CEC cannot control the Internet.  Savvy consumers will still be able to buy the TV models they want online and across state lines - sending more sales, tax revenues and jobs with it.

• Bans the sale of 25 percent of current big-screen TV models (and 100 percent of plasmas larger than 60 inches). Do you really want unelected bureaucrats telling you what kind of TVs you're allowed to buy?

• Technological advancements and consumer demand have helped to create more energy efficient televisions - not regulations (see more at: Common Sense Solutions).

• Mandates artificial limits that could stifle unforeseen future innovations for home entertainment.

• Delays new and exciting products - like 3D-HDTV and Internet-enabled TVs - if they can't comply with the new rules.


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